Take Care of Dumpster Cleanliness Every 2-3 Weeks Once Using This Method


Many facilities are offered when you rent a dumpster. Besides being comfortable and easy to use, you don’t have to bother packing it after you have finished renting. The tenant will clear up the dumpster when your rental period ends. Usually, those who rent a dumpster quite often are construction or renovation work on a large scale because they have to dispose of a lot of buildings. However, there are also ordinary households that rent dumpsters, so the rental parties provide various sizes. One of them is dumpster rental Stockton CA. They provide dumpsters of various sizes according to customer needs.


While using the dumpster, you will definitely throw away various types of garbage, although there are some conditions that must be obeyed from the dumpster rental party. Like not to dispose of hazardous and flammable liquids in dumpsters. So how do you protect your dumpster from being attacked by pests during use? The following are the tips:

– Wrap smaller garbage
For smaller waste, it’s better to wrap the garbage before dumping it in the dumpster. Especially for food-based waste or wet waste and has liquid residues. Wrapped garbage can prevent foul odors from entering pests. Besides that, it makes it difficult for other animals to detect odors and tear your trash. Usually, this is done by cockroaches, rodents, cats, or stray dogs.

– Keep clean in the dumpster area
Make sure that the trash ends inside the dumpster, not around it. Keeping around the dumpster clean can help you prevent pests from entering and creating a foul odor. In addition, maintaining cleanliness in the dumpster area does not make other people disgusted to pass around it.

– Try to always cover the trash can
Why should trash bins always be closed? Because the cover can reduce odor while avoiding the presence of wild animals looking for food through garbage. Rodents and insects will find it difficult to enter and disrupt the garbage inside. It is not possible to keep an eye on garbage for 24 hours to make sure your garbage is not damaged by animals.

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