Do these things to deal with leakage problems with AC

Perform maintenance such as cleaning the air conditioner regularly. Wash AC regularly (per 3 months for living room air conditioning and per 4-5 months for bedroom air conditioners). To wash the air conditioner, do not use chemical liquids, because certain chemicals can erode the pipe so that the pipe becomes thin and of course the AC becomes damaged quickly. Apart from that, we recommend you to check out the trusted and licensed heating and air conditioning las vegas service company as well.

Then, in installing an air conditioner, make sure it is done by a professional technician. For the type of air conditioner that uses Freon R32 / R410A, it must be vacuumed using a pipe with a thickness of 0.7 mm. Ask the help of a professional technician to do it.

Next, know the size of the PK that matches the area of the room that will be fitted with AC. If the PK size is too larger than the size of the room, the AC will feel too cold. Conversely, if the PK is too small than the size of the room, the AC will feel a little cold and the compressor will work optimally to cool the room.

After that, do not turn on the air conditioner when the room is not tightly closed, because this can make the AC work optimally. Turn on the AC only when the room is tightly closed so that the air conditioner does not work too optimally.

Finally, So that the AC compressor does not work optimally, avoid setting the AC temperature below 18 degrees Celsius. Conversely, avoid adjusting the temperature at 26-28 degrees Celsius, because this can cause the AC compressor to turn off too often and cause the AC to become damaged. Try to set the AC temperature to just 21-24 degrees, because the number is right for the climate in some countries.

The convenience of an air conditioning device is something that is needed by consumers. This is what the trusted air conditioner manufacturers are trying to present. In addition to comfort and tranquility for consumers, they also provide comfort for nature.