These Three Things Become Fatal Mistakes In Marketing


Many businesses don’t understand marketing their products for several reasons. Many of their business divisions are not ready to accept the marketing assignments and eventually end up with unstable corporate earnings. Good marketing clearly requires a lead management process so that the marketing that occurs can run smoothly and in accordance with what is expected.

Indeed, one of the obstacles in the marketer is the fact that there is a field that is very different from the plans that have been prepared so that what is considered true by marketers is not necessarily for consumers. No wonder, if many marketing departments make mistakes and even fatal mistakes.

1. Misunderstanding about positioning
The fatal mistake in marketing the third is positioning. It should be known that positioning is a marketing strategy that must be formulated after segmentation and targeting.
Positioning is an action taken by marketers to create a product image and the things they want to offer to the market succeed in obtaining a clear and meaningful position in the minds of the target consumers.

2. Establish prices based on cost and not based on the value
Many marketers in Indonesia still set prices based on the cost of production plus a general percentage of margin. Even though prices can be set from value. There are still many marketers in Indonesia who lack the confidence to add value in shaping prices because they consider Indonesian consumers to be all price sensitive. As a result, marketers are often caught up in price wars and don’t dare to increase selling prices.

3. Error in promotion
Errors in this promotion are like errors in ads that are too overdone. Indonesian consumers generally think simply. Therefore, advertisements that are not down to earth will be very difficult to understand quickly by the target market, the result of which often leads to misperception.
For products that are intangible and offer lifestyle, maybe creative advertisements are not a problem, but for mass production, it must be taken into account correctly. Or there are also advertisements that are over promises, while the products are not as advertised.