These Are Some Types Of Car Lights That Are Often Used By Drivers

At night, of course, you will need a lamp even if you are on the road or driving a car. This is because the lights will clearly provide lighting for you on the streets. In some parts of the car also needed a lamp so that the driver can clearly see various sides of the road. Visit to get the lights you need, of course with good quality.

In addition, usually, there are several lights in the car that are usually used by the driver. Some types of lights are

– Low beam
Near lights are the main lighting for cars that play a role in illuminating the road area in front of the car. Named lights close because the light beam range is close enough, about below 5 M. This lamp is turned on when the car crosses crowded areas, residential areas, and areas that have sufficient lighting.

– High beam
The remote lights also function as the main lighting of the car as near lights, but the range of this high beam is further, it can reach 10 M. So that these far lights are often turned on when the car crosses the highway, or in areas with minimal lighting.

– Fog lamps
Fog lights or fog lamp function to illuminate the foggy road area. As the name implies, this lamp will help the driver to see the streets filled with fog. In order to be able to illuminate the road surface to the fullest, the fog lamp is mounted in the lower bumper with bright yellow rays.
Besides the front fog lamp, some cars are also equipped with rear fog lamp with bright red light. Its function is to give a signal to the driver behind the presence of his car in a foggy area.

– Brake light
The function of the brake light is to signal to the driver behind that the car is braking. The brake lights will glow bright red, brighter than the tail lights. So when the light is on, the driver behind is also preparing to brake. This will prevent the occurrence of miss communication between drivers on the road.