Pay Attention to the Safety and Health Matter When Burning the Incense Sticks

When you want to buy the incense, the can help you provide the reviews. Getting the right incense sticks with good quality can lead to the better experience of achieving the result. However, make sure that you will always pay attention to the safety and health matters when burning it.


A study has been conducted to find out how much the impact of incense smoke as air pollution. For information, there have been many results of studies that previously mentioned that incense smoke can increase the risk of cancer and tumors, however, the results of previous studies have not been completely specific.

The design identifies any substances in incense smoke. They also took samples in the form of incense made from sandalwood and agarwood and compared them to cigarette smoke in the room. The result is, incense smoke turns out to have a fine and even very fine concentration of particles. Quite a lot of aromatic, irritant substances, and also toxic compounds. If the incense smoke has chemicals that have the potential to change genetic material like DNA so that it can trigger various health problems. After testing with hamsters, the effects of incense smoke are even more toxic compared to cigarette smoke.

Seeing this fact, make sure that you do not carelessly burn incense in a closed room because it can be harmful to your health. Make sure we burn it in an open room so that the various chemical constituents are not only concentrated in the room and are continuously smoked by our breathing.

1. Purchase astounding, low smoke incense (see underneath for proposals )
2. Keep the windows open, something like a little
3. Try not to burn excessively
4. Particularly in a little room
5. Simply burn some portion of a stick (can put a paper cut on the stick part path down to stop the burn)