Avoid These Two Mistakes When Advertising On Youtube

Currently, to advertise, there are many media that you can use so that your ads can be seen by many people, such as social media. Unfortunately, not many people know what strategies to do when posting these ads. The Craigslist Posting Service can help you post ads that you already have.

One of the media that you can use to advertise is Youtube. However, you must avoid some of these errors when advertising on these media.

1. Consider using in-stream ads
This is because In-Stream Ads are advertisements that are often skipped because of they only last 5 seconds. Even some businessmen are now too enthusiastic to install In-Stream Ads because they are considered to be a waste of money. Therefore, instead of making In-Stream Ads useless, you better create your own channel.

2. The ad does not attract attention
Without attractive and creative advertisements, of course, the results will be nil. Even if you upload a lot of videos, but if the video you are showing is boring, then your work will be in vain.

3 Mistakes that make customers don’t buy your products


In this article, I have 3 mistakes that you might make with your website and product. And this error is the reason why visitors are reluctant to buy your product. Aside from that, you may also need to try the Craigslist Posting Service soon.

1. considered unsafe. You don’t make visitors feel safe ordering your product. Buying via the internet is still seen as unreal. There are still many who are suspicious of the safety factor. “Ah! Maybe fraud. After I deposit money, where do I know the product was sent to me? Later, if my e-mail is listed, lest I get flooded with spam. “How to fix this, clearly state your identity. So they no longer hesitate. Also, tell them that their e-mail address and personal information are kept confidential.

2. The visitor’s goals are unclear. You don’t have targeted visitors who actually want to buy your product. One way to get targeted visitors is to make a survey. This survey can detect customers like what you like with your product. If you already know the description of your customer, you can improve your advertising and marketing strategies.

3. Not reminding to visit again. You do not remind visitors to visit your website again at a later time. It’s rare for someone to buy on the first visit. People generally buy on the basis of needs rather than wants. If when you first visit your website they don’t need your product yet, it is very possible next time they need your product. Well, it’s important to remind them to come back to you as well.