Some of these methods can help reduce pain in the shoulder

When you work too long, there will be pain that you feel on your shoulder. Apart from back pain, shoulder pain is also one of the ailments that you can’t just ignore. There are many treatments that can overcome this problem. One of them is chiropractic. You have to find the right chiropractor for this. One of the services you can use is chiropractor santa monica.


Shoulder pain can indeed be caused by many activities that move the arm a lot. There are several easy ways to treat pain. some of the ways in question are

1. Mild exercise
When you experience shoulder pain, you should continue to use your shoulders as usual even though this can be very painful at first. If you cannot force to use your shoulders, then the muscles will become legs so that any race can get worse. You can do light exercise to relieve shoulder pain at home or you will be advised to do it under the supervision of a physical therapist.
Sports that you can do include
– Strength training to strengthen weakened muscles and ligaments. This exercise can help reduce pain and improve shoulder function in your activities every day.
– Stretching exercises, this can help reduce stiffness in the muscles and increase your range of motion.

2. Massage
To deal with pain, massage must be done by a professional physical therapist. Massage techniques from the therapist will help you relieve pain, reduce stiffness in the muscles, make more blood flow to the body and supply oxygen and nutrients for the healing process. This method can also help you move better using your shoulders.

3. Compress with ice
Compress using ice can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain in problem areas. However, you may not apply ice directly to the body because this can damage the skin. Use a soft cloth to coat the ice.