The Best Way to Take Care of the Elderly

There are no tips or quick ways to make it easier to care for parents who enter the elderly. In fact, aging experts also stated the difficulty in dealing with their own parents, as stated by Dorothy Howe, a senior specialist at the American Association of Retired person program, as quoted by the male clinic. Online. According to him if what you are dealing with is your own parents, not necessarily you can handle it better than anyone else. In the meantime, check out the adaptive skills and tools for the easier ways of caregiving the elderly.

Gerontologists (experts on aging problems) have made a list to check these abilities, namely by listing daily activities. From this list, there are six basic functions that must be considered, and if there is a decrease in ability, this indicates that the elderly may need help. The six basic functions are eating, urinating, waking up and going to sleep, entering the bathroom, showering, and dressing. There are also eight lists which are referred to as intermediate or instrumental functions which must be monitored more closely, namely using the telephone, preparing food, cleaning the house, washing clothes, using transportation equipment whether riding alone or riding, taking medicine and managing finances.

Aside from that, you are advised to continue to observe your parents’ behavior. You are sufficiently guided by the list of functions which are vital abilities that the elderly must have so that they can live independently. But if there is one point that is not fulfilled, it does not mean that it is an indication for you to put them in a nursing home. “Many elderly people with deficiencies in one or two of the above can still live independently in their environment if, they get the right help,” said Cathy Alessi, a geriatric specialist at the Sepulveda Veterans Administration Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center, Los Angeles.

What you need to do as a child is to watch them carry out these activities and pay attention to them if problems arise. One of the most important things, do not offer help before being asked or forbid them to do something just because you are not sure if they can do it. That would be very offensive to his ego.