Gain ability to speak and write in english in a flash with ielts b1

Many people are under the impression that when they choose to live in their home countries that they will have little need to understand and be able to communicate in other languages. However, various industries throughout the world have proven that being bilingual is beneficial for employees and employers. The following paragraph will explain how learning ielts b1 English as a second language can prove valuable and open up additional career opportunities and progress in your current position. In addition, it will discuss how to have a positive bilingual workplace impact on the organization.

As an employee, understanding and being able to communicate fluently in English is very important for your success. According to the Korn Ferry International Web site poll, about 31% of executives speak in two languages, an additional 20% speak three languages, 9% speak four languages, and 4% speak more than four languages. With ielts b1 english ielts like this, competition in any industry is fierce. To differentiate yourself from the competition, learning English online as a foreign language is useful to help you get a position and advance in your career. Businesses have realized the benefits of obtaining bilingual employees and have their compensation accordingly. According to b1 level english ielts many companies offer differential pay 5-20% more per hour for bilingual candidates compared to those who only speak one language. By taking advantage of online English ielts b1 courses and becoming fluent in languages, you will also be able to apply for more positions – some of which are even outside your home country. In addition, paying a scale is much higher for bilingual employees, and they are able to advance faster and for higher positions. This ielts b1english ielts possible because employers are aware of the bilingual value individuals can bring to the organization and how their skills and services will benefit the organization’s growth.