How You Can Start Your Land Investment

Sure, land investment is a long-term investment choice. Because selling land is not like selling goods or gold, which is sold on that day lombok land for sale , and that day you will get money. The ideal time to reap the proceeds from investing in this land is 5 years. Of course, during the waiting period, you can make the location of the land as a place of business or farming.


Land investment also requires relatively large capital, of course, it will be comparable to the benefits that can later be obtained as well as a suitable business on the roadside. When you make the decision for lombok land for sale, then you must do these things:

Pay attention to the location of the land

Maybe at this time the location is still not crowded, but if there is potential or the opportunity to become a center of the crowd, then of course you should consider. Because in this investment you must have a benchmark for the next 5 years, especially with the rapid development and population growth, cheap land prices have now become expensive and will be increasingly expensive. This is certainly an opportunity that you must use.

Land Price When Purchased

The next tip for land investment is to consider the price of land to be purchased. Because if the purchase price is too expensive and does not match the selling price then of course your profits will be reduced or even difficult to make a profit. Therefore, consider a reasonable price.

Payment System to the Seller

In land investment, it does not always have to start with full capital. In that sense you do not have to make direct payments in cash. Because of course in this way you have to spend relatively large capital. If you can negotiate the payment system with the seller, for example, make a payment with a tempo system or also can with a profit-sharing system.