Talk to Addicted Victims

Talk to family members about your concerns about drug use by the culprit. Try speaking in a supportive, non-confrontational, non-judgmental style. If you need help to help your loved ones escape drug traps, you can invite them to visit Serenity Oaks Wellness Center.

Focus on your feelings, and don’t accuse or judge. For example, just say, “I’m very worried that the use of marijuana will affect your health,” and not, “You suck too much marijuana. Do you not know it will damage your brain? “

Ask other friends or other family members to voice their concerns too. Help this loved one see how his addiction has affected himself. Explain how his behavior, goals, and attitude have changed greatly since he started using drugs. Remember your loved ones about the goals they have had before, or the goals of self-change that they have aspired to.

Encourage loved ones to seek professional help. Don’t ignore drug use in people you love. Instead, acknowledge the addiction problems that occur and their adverse effects on family or relationships. Discuss this with him carefully and encourage him to seek help. For example, you could say, “I’m very worried if you continue to use drugs, the effect will be very severe. I know, it’s really hard to stop, but actually, there are services that can help you. “You may also offer to find a doctor, support group, or therapist, to begin the recovery process.

The earlier the person you love starts the process, the more likely it is to succeed in overcoming addiction. Provide information about the options for handling available. Talking about various options for handling with loved ones will make this experience not too scary. Tell yourself the information you have found. Help him understand that many other people are also struggling to overcome the same problem. Reassure your loved ones that you will support it in the entire handling and recovery process.