All you have to know about Low Watt AC and AC Inverter

Since the emergence of Low Watt AC and AC Inverters, there are often questions about Low Watt AC and AC Inverter that receive aircon repair singapore . Low Watt AC has a stable Watt lower since the AC is turned on. example (standard Panasonic 1PK 820 Watts Vs 660 Watts for type Alowa or Alowa Ion) Whereas the type of Watt Inverter varies from 225 – 920 Watts with how it works at the time the AC Start Watt will be 920 Watts to accelerate cooling, and at room temperature already the same as the remote temperature, the compressor’s performance will be reduced so that the wattage can go down to 225. As for the Daikin brand (1PK Standard Thailand 819Watt Vs 780 Watt for Low Watt type – Standard Malaysia) and for the Inverter the High Watt Inverter is only 260-735Watt! Now to answer the question which is more economical, depending on usage. If the air conditioner is often switched off as an example in a child playing room where the AC is only on 2 or 3 hours per day, Low Watt AC is certainly more efficient than the type of inverter. Unlike, for example, AC for bedrooms where AC may turn on around 10-12 hours per day, even more, AC Inverter electricity is, of course, more economical because it can reduce power to 225 Watt especially in the early hours around 2 – 5 am.


Low Watt AC may cut the compressor performance, but for cold problems, we are sure SURE the same as other types of AC except for AC Inverter (I will explain in the next question). Low Watt AC has the ability to cool the same room with another type of AC, it’s just that the time needed to reach the desired temperature becomes longer than the standard AC with Watt 820 versus Watt 660 for Low Watt type, because the compressor work is not as strong as AC with Watts greater than. AC Inverters use Freon R410A, another type of AC using Freon R22.