Factors that cause fights with spouses

Have you counted the number of times you fight with your partner every year? If a fight occurs around 200 times a year, your relationship is still quite happy. But, if it gets close to 400 times a year, there must be something wrong in the relationship recommended divorce lawyers . Apart from that, if you think that your marriage can no longer be saved, you may want to contact the recommended divorce lawyers as well.

Your relationship is in the middle if the number of cases of fighting that occur is still around 312 times a year. This was the conclusion of a study of 3,000 couples conducted by the Betterbathrooms company.

This study revealed that most of the quarrels were related to hygiene problems, such as leaving dirty cups or letting things fall apart and scattering at home.

Toilet problems are considered as the most frequent trigger for a fight. Couples often argue because the toilet is left dirty, not watered, or does not replace toilet paper. Usually, fights occur around 8:00 p.m.

According to the study cited from the page Genius Beauty, the pair quarrel about cleanliness, on average spent 10 minutes.

The following is a list of causes of arguments that are most often called people who have paired up:

1. Do not wash hair shaving

2. Leave the toilet in a dirty state

3. Too often move television channels

4. Do not replace empty toilet paper

5. Forgot to close the toilet seat

6. Forgot to turn off the light

7. Allowing eating utensils to be dirty everywhere

8. Leave the wet towel lying down

9. Do not store items in their place

10. Leave the toilet without watering

Actually, only small habits that spur the emergence of fighting. Seeing this we should be able to minimize so that the relationship with the partner remains harmonious. There are so many ways to warm your relationship with your partner, one of them is by avoiding these things.

Hopefully it can be useful and can avoid divorce.

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