4 Tips for buying an AC for your bedroom

Before you decide to buy it is a good idea to follow 4 tips on choosing the best air conditioner for the best bedroom. So that later when you really have decided to buy and install it in your bedroom it won’t make you regret it. In addition, the costs that you have incurred are not in vain. Meanwhile, go to www.airconservicing.org/ if you need to know the excellent AC repair company in Singapore.

Here are 4 tips for choosing the best air conditioner for your bedroom.

1. Choose electricity-saving air conditioning

If you are confused to choose, there is an inventer feature that has been used by a number of AC manufacturers as an alternative. This air conditioner has the advantage of only needing a short time to reach the temperature in the room you want. Then, the first pull on electricity is only 1/3 lower than the AC that does not have an inventer. The use of electricity-saving air conditioners only uses about 30% of the resources become smaller than ordinary air conditioners.

2. Consider health aspects

The development of an increasingly advanced era, many electronics companies produce air conditioners that have technology capable of killing viruses and bacteria called plasmacluster. This has been proven by a series of trials that have been carried out. The trial was carried out in a room with an area of 320 square meters with an average humidity of 80%. The result is both positive and negative ions in the plasmacluster tech is capable of removing fungi and bacteria just in 6 hours. (Also read: Easy to do, here’s how to clean the AC filter)

3. Pay attention to the location of the installation

Air conditioning for the bedroom you can place in the right place. Do not install in front of the door, because the air will be easier to get out to another room. Installation is not too tight on the ceiling so that the air that comes out can be maximal.

4. Conduct maintenance or service AC regularly

So that the air conditioner is durable, you should service AC regularly every 3 – 4 months.

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